Chemical Engineering Study Stream

The core chemical engineering subject areas include: material and energy balances, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, separation processes, chemical reactor analysis, and computer process control. These areas require a solid foundation of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In these courses you will learn about the principles required for the design and analysis of processes.

  • The material and energy balances course in the second year introduces you to the principles relating to mass and energy conservation in systems in which chemical reactions and energy transfer occur.
  • The thermodynamics courses provide you with information on the limits nature places on chemical reactions and energy transformation processes. 
  • The transport phenomena courses of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mass transfer, provide you with the tools to describe the dynamics of mass and energy transfer processes. 
  • The chemical reactor analysis and separation processes courses, topics which are unique to chemical engineering, teach you how to design equipment for chemical conversion and purification of compounds. 
  • The computer process control course provides instruction on how, with the aid of computers, complex processes (such as chemical reactors, distillation columns, absorbers, heat exchangers, pumps, compressors, and filters) can be operated efficiently in a continuous manner. 
  • The concepts you will learn in these core courses will be combined in the capstone design course in the final year of the program. In this course you will be responsible for the technical design and economic analysis of a processing facility.

During your program you may broaden your chemical engineering background by taking a number of elective courses in biotechnology, catalysis, molecular sieve technology, materials characterization, computer applications, corrosion, hydrocarbon processing, polymer production and properties, process modeling and optimization, and pulp and paper technology.


Chemical engineering specialized study streams:

Biomedical Option

Computer Process Control Option

Oil Sands Stream