2015-2016 Speaker Schedule


Topic and Distinguished Speaker

Sept. 24, 2015

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

September 24: "Piezotronics and piezo-photonics"
September 25: “Triboelectric nanogenerator for self-powered systems and Large-Scale Blue Energy.”
Both talks begin at 3:30 p.m. in E1-001, ETLC.

Oct. 22, 2015

Lone Jespersen
Maple Leaf Foods
"Profiling and Strengthening Food Safety Culture"
3:30 p.m. in E1-001, ETLC

Nov. 19, 2015

Shafiq Jaffer
TOTAL American Services, Inc., USA
"Society's grand challenges: the connectivity of water, energy, food and climate"
3:30 p.m. in E1-001, ETLC

Dec. 10, 2015
Schlumberger Lecture

Lei Jiang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China
"Smart Interfacial Materials from Super-Wettability to Binary Co-operative Complementary Systems"
Location TBD

Jan. 7, 2016
Alberta Innovates -- Energy and Environment Solutions Lecture

Ashwani Gupta
University of Maryland, College Park, USA
"Sustainable Opportunities for Clean Energy Production From Biomass and Wastes"
3:30 p.m. CCIS L2-190

Feb. 25, 2016

Ignacio Grossmann
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
"The Increasing Scope of Optimization in the Oil and Gas Industry"
3:30 p.m. CCIS L2-190

Mar. 24, 2016
Mackiw Lecture in Metallurgy

John M. Vohs
University of Pennsylvania, USA
"Nano-Structured Metal Catalysts for High-Temperature Applications"
3:30 p.m. CCIS L2-190

Apr. 28, 2016
Andrew Main Lecture

Oliver C. Mullins
Schlumberger, USA
"New Asphaltene Nanoscience and its Impact on Reservoir Characterization"
3:30 p.m. in E1-001, ETLC