New Faculty Forums


The (New) Faculty Forums were created in 1996 by the Career Development Committee, which was formed by the Dean of Engineering David Lynch. The Forums taught the basics of pedagogical knowledge to 120 new faculty members in engineering over a 10-year period. The founding Chair of the (New) Faculty Forums was Dr. Suzanne Kresta,  with strong support from: Dr. Doug Dale (Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Jim McMullen (late Professor and Director, Electrical Engineering), and Dr. Simaan AbouRizk (Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering). 

In 2012 members of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Teaching Enhancement Committee (TEC) unanimously wanted to reinvent the (New) Faculty Forums for 2013. TEC was formed by the Chair of Chemical and Materials Engineering in 2007 and has changed the way teaching is evaluated in the Faculty. The previous Forums provided an introduction to good teaching practices and basic pedagogical ideas, and had a dramatic impact on engineering’s teaching culture. Fifteen years later, three quarters of the current Department Chairs are graduates of the Forums and they all started their careers with the basics of pedagogical theory.

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