Dr. Michael Williams

Dr. WilliamsProfessor Emeritus
Room 471, Chemical and Materials Engineering Building
Edmonton, AB T6G 2G6
Phone: 780.492.3962
Fax: 780.492.2881


Dr. Williams' research has focused primarily on polymer science: rheology of melts, concentrated and dilute solutions, elastomers, glasses. Composites. Polyethylene. Block copolymer microphase separation and rheology. He has also worked with biomaterials, dense suspensions of rigid particles and blood, and viscoelastic behavior of nonlinear and complex fluids in processing flows. Prior to becoming a professor, he was a post-doctoral fellow with Marshall Fixman, studying the theory of polymer-solution dynamics. He then spent 24 years as a faculty member of University of California Berkeley, coming to the University of Alberta in 1990. He was awarded the Mason Award, from Canadian Society of Rheology in 2001, and since 2000, has been a visiting professor at Kasetsart University and Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Williams became a professor emeritus in 2002.

Recent Publications

  • Li, C., Choi, P., and Williams, M.C., "Study of the Melt Morpholgy of Polyethylene Chains Adjacent to a Clay Surface", Langmuir, 26, 4303-4310 (2010).
  • Hussein, I.A. , Hameed, T., Williams, M.C., "Influence of Molecular Structure on the Rheology and Thermorheology of Metallocene Polyethylenes", J. Applied Polym. Sci., 102, 1717-728 (2006).
  • Influence of molecular structure on the rheology and thermorheology of metallocene polyethylenes 
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  • Hussein, I.A. and Williams, M.C., "Rheological Study of the Influence of Branch Content on the Miscibility of Octene m-LLDPE and ZN-LLDPE in LDPE", Polym. Eng. Sci., 44, 660-672 (2004).
  • Hussein, I.A. and Williams, M.C., "Rheological Study of Inhomogeneities in Melt Blends of ZN-LLDPE and LDPE, Rheologica Acta, 43, 602-614 (2004).
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  • Melt flow indexer evidence of high-temperature transitions in molten high-density polyethylenes 
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  • Fan, Z.J., Williams, M.C., and Choi P., “A Molecular Dynamics Study of the effects of Branching Characteristics of LLDPE on its Miscibility with HDPE”, Polymer, 43, 1497-1502 (2002).
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