Dr. Jacob H. Masliyah OC, FCAE, FRSC, FCIC, PEng.

Distinguished Dr. MasliyahUniversity Professor Emeritus
Former NSERC IRC in Oils Sands Engineering

Room 436B, Chemical & Materials Engineering Building
Edmonton, AB T6G 2G6
Phone: 780-492-4673
Fax: 780- 492-2881

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Research Interests

With the vast deposits of oil sands in Alberta, we have an energy resource that can fully supply Canada with its energy needs for the next two centuries. This energy resource should be exploited responsibly by maximizing oil recovery and meeting environmental needs. Fundamental understanding of the industrial processes leads to their improvement in terms of economics and environmental impact.  I focus on:

  • Emulsion stability
  • Interfacial phenomena
  • Flocculation and sedimentation
  • Asphaltene precipitation
  • Bitumen-air attachment and recovery

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