Dr. Murray R. Gray

Professor Emeritus
Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

Research Areas: upgrading of heavy oil and oilsands bitumen; chemical kinetics; non-aqueous extraction

The conversion of Alberta oilsands bitumen to more easily transported refinery feedstocks is a fascinating challenge that involves reaction, diffusion, and aspects of colloid science and nanotechnology. Dr. Gray's expertise is on the relationship between the fundamental properties of heavy oil and bitumen materials, and how these affect potential reactions and interactions at the molecular level, which in turn affect large scale processes for upgrading, separating, and transporting of bitumen. 

Technologies of interest include:

  • Coking and other thermal upgrading processes
  • Hydroconversion and catalytic upgrading
  • Chemical structure and separation of asphaltenes
  • Solvent extraction of bitumen from the oilsands, including the behavior of water and fine solids
  • Novel upgrading and separations technologies for heavy oil and bitumen
Dr. Gray was the scientific director for the Institute for Oil Sands Innovation until summer of 2014, at which time he retired from the University of Alberta and became Professor Emeritus. He is not accepting any new graduate students or post-doctoral fellows.

Video: Helmholtz Alberta Team Leader Murray Gray

Dr. Murray Gray is no longer teaching at the University of Alberta, and is therefore not taking on new graduate students. For a list of current faculty members, click here.